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About Ashrit Partners

We are a Switzerland-based business consultancy firm and multi-family office focused on market entry and international expansion.

Ashrit Partners offers comprehensive strategic and financial advisory services to assist individuals and organizations in reaching sustainable growth and identifying advantageous opportunities. From detailed organizational assessments to proprietary market entry research, we deliver tangible data that supports our front-to-end solutions.

Our holistic services aim to determine areas of unique opportunity and points of market expansion. We tap into the knowledge of our in-house consultants as well as our international network of industry experts to develop the right strategy for our clients. As our clients face specific industry challenges, global economic shifts, and changing customer preferences, we are committed to understanding what our clients need in order to gain a competitive edge and reach long-term success. 

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Since our foundation, our main object at Ashrit Partners has always been to help our clients set and reach their business and financial goals. First and foremost, our client relationships are built on trust and mutual understanding and are an integral part of our company’s framework. We always go above and beyond to help them define and achieve their success. As an specialized consultancy and multi-family office, we are proud of how our strong network of international experts, entrepreneurs, consultants, investors, and industry leaders continues to grow. As we strive to serve and support our people – both our internal team and our extensive network – we continue to operate according to our core values of transparency, commitment, and innovation. We look forward to working with you.

Finn Blauch, CEO

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Our people are our most valued resource at Ashrit Partners

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We are your trusted business and investment advisors, assisting individuals and organizations to expand their reach and achieve sustainable value growth.


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